Description :

SLN 75 AHCD dredger which was designed to solve the problem of water hyacinth and weeds

The Ability Of :

  • SLN 75 AHCD can move themselves in the water because it has a PADDLE WHEEL
  • SLN 75 AHCD tidak need a stabilizer to the stability of the Dredger during operations.
  • SLN 75 AHCD di design for comfort and this it is impractical to users. All the tools can be in control and in the Control of the Operator's Cabin.
  • SLN 75 AHCD merupakan dredger Full Hydroulic.
  • For ground transportation, SLN 75 AHCD hanya need to use 1 (one) just so that the Trailer can save you the cost of mobilization.