MULTI PURPOSE DREDGER (with Self Propelled and Self Lifted)

Description :

SLN. 99 is a Multi-purpose dredgers to CUTTER SUCTION dredge using EXCAVATORS and interchangeably and using the system stabilizer for stability during operation of the Dredger.

The Ability Of :

  • SLN. 99 can move themselves in the water because it has a Propeller.
  • SLN. 99 can serve as a CUTTER SUCTION Dredger Dredger EXCAVATOR or
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  • SLN. 99 use the stabilizer to the stability of the Dredger during operations.
  • SLN. 99 can move ashore without the aid of crane because this SLN. 99 to go up to the land can use the rear spud and backhoe arm is already in design special.
  • to raise SLN. 99 over the Trailer not needed tools, simply use the crane Arm and Stabilizer Rear Spud
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  • SLN. 99 in design for comfort and this it is impractical to users. All the tools can be in control and in the Control of the Operator's Cabin in
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  • SLN. 99 a dredger Full Hydroulic.
  • For ground transportation, SLN. 99 only need to use one (1) Trailers only.