Description :

SLN. 50TCE is a standard tractor d additional equipment lengkapin grass mower with a rotary blade system with a hydraulic motor and a backhoe bucket type.

The Ability Of :

  • as the Grass Mower: for the work of shrubs and reeds in the field, the levee and the river bank, pruning and shaping hedges and gardens in the city because of the position of the tilt/trim knife can be in control system of hydraulic full.
  • As Excavators: very suitable for digging canals, sewers, electrical wiring, dugouts dugouts dugouts telephone, water pipes, and create lines in the pond-pond
  • tractor in use type 4-wheel drive, to deal with the terrain Rocky, slippery, muddy or uphill. If the Grass Mower and equipment Excavator off the back of the tractor, then the function
  • as they are.
  • SLN. 50TCE hydraulic system using full to drive and control all equipment.