Description :

SLN. 03 is the standard type of Cutter Suction Dredger, which wouldn't have its own form of Paddle Wheel Drive and Full hydraulic system wears well for all the equipment and its control system. In addition to the Paddle wheel, SLN. 03 can move themselves in the water without needing his help tugboat or other equipment for him.

The Ability Of :

  • SLN. 03 able to move himself in the water
  • Hull SLN. 03 is divided into 3 side (1 center hull and 2 side hull) with the aim of facilitating transport for of a project into another project by road.
  • SLN. 03 in design with Knock Down system with the aim to facilitate Unloading Dredger. Install
  • All the main equipment and Auxiliary equipment at the SLN. 03 designed specifically for the operation of dredging with a variety of terrain especially for very heavy terrain
  • SLN. 03 in design for Multi terrain, investment for SLN. 03 is a very efficient and economical in the appeal another dredger in his class
  • SLN. 03 in design with a small size and lightweight but has a large dredging capacity
  • . Dredging depth, distance of Waste and its other specs from SLN. 03 you can customize with consumer demand and location dredging.
  • All equipment in the system with hydraulic movement of the operator with the point of view 360