Description :

Dredger Type SLN. 01 is a type of Amphibious Dredger dredging system using a CUTTER and MUD PUMP. Type SLN. 01 is a product of the heartland of the us because it is the FIRST TYPE of AMPHIBIOUS DREDGER which was MADE in INDONESIA and DESIGNED by the sons and daughters of INDONESIA

The Ability Of :

  • able to move themselves in muddy water, soil and land
  • is particularly suited to Dredging or Reclaimed in very heavy Terrain that could not possibly be done by conventional dredgers.
  • Save the cost of mobilization, because SLN. 01 can move from one location to another with his own without the help of heavy equipment as well as other means of transportation so that the returns on the investment cost for the SLN. 01 can be obtained in a short period of time.
  • depth of dredging, Waste specifications and other Distance him from SLN. 01 you can customize with consumer demand and location dredging.
  • All equipment in the system with hydraulic movement of the operator with the point of view 360